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Crean, William
Correa, Manuel
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
Cuellar, Sonya
Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Services
Soto, Maria
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

LLCSD Directory

District Directory

Alfaro, Gerbert Personnel Clerk
Aranda, Bertha Department Secretary, Business Services
Block, Roger Educational Technology Specialist
Booze, Carolyn Accounting Clerk
Buchanan, George Board Member
Chavarria, Lisa Department Secretary, Educational Services
Corona, Lilia Food Service Processing Technician
De Rossi, Veronica Computer Field Tech
Duenez, Olivia Personnel Secretary
Duncan, Sarah Elementary Physical Education
Grant, David Technology TOSA
Griffen, Brent Director of Maintenance, Operations and Custodial Services
Harris, Lacee Special Education TOSA
Hutchinson, Anita Administrative Assistant
Lawver, Janice Instructional Materials Specialist
Madan, Arais Accounting Clerk
Martinez, Richard Board Member
McCann, Eric Technology TOSA
McDonald, Heidi Director of Nutrition Services
Mejia, Ignacio Computer Field Technician
Meraz, Alex Supervisor of Data
Mora, Ariana Attendance Clerk
Robinette, Virginia Accounting Clerk
Robles, Martha Elementary School Counselor
Rock, Janet Board Member
Sandoval, Dora Board Member
Schrage, Andrew Network Specialist
Tat, Khrystyne Director of Fiscal Services
Torres, Michelle EL Specialist
Traster, Toni (562) 868-8241 ex.2228 Supervisor of Personnel
Valencia, Tony Director of Special Ed
Vargas, Jorge Buyer
Villanueva, Wenda District Nurse
Villegas, Maria Special Ed Secretary
Vosburg, Vanessa Technology TOSA
Yarza, Ana Family Outreach Liaison
Zamora, Hilda Board Member
Zuniga, Andres Computer Support Specialist